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Glob-All is dedicated to offer manufacturer’s representation for electronic products in Canada. With our sales force, we represente you nationaly promoting products in multiple vertical markets. Read more →

 Are you an installer, integrator, store, retail chain? Join us at Glob-All Distribution, we offer coop promotions, volume rebates and most of all bilingual sales and technical support on all our products. Read more →

A solid partner for your retail store purchases while offering you support, product knowledge and quality with price advantage for your team structure.

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Our Mission

Glob-All Distribution provides and distributes computer products, surveillance and telephony. Solutions for the IT resellerintegrators and retailWe offer to the channel the best of breed equipment.


Our Vision

Passionate about our customers, a key expert partner in the industry, established on the Canadian market place, we create strong and long term relationships and provide relevant and durable products and solutions. To better integrate these values, Glob-All has set a number of behaviors that guide this action. These are determination, drive and ingenuity. In addition to these qualities, we have a preoccupation for sustained success and a constant concern to provide the best customer service.


Our Success

Becoming a partner with our customers consist in offering an active listening, establishing objectives and sharing a collaborative winning strategy.

The outline of your growth is endless... Can we be part of it?


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